* B.OK
                         * PROLLOFT
                         * ELECTRO CONNECTION

                               * NEPHTHYS

NEPHTHYS is VESNA LUBINA from Stip, Macedonia. She was born on 25.06.1985. From the first day when she learned the Cyrilic letter she is writing poetry. She is a student at the Philosophy faculty in Skopje, Macedonia.


B.OK is GORGE LUBINA from Stip, Macedonia. He was born on 09.09.1981. Since 1998 he is working as a profesional DJ, he plays trancedental music. From 2000 he started with creating his own music. As the youngest DJ on the open air festival,  9 km near Stip, in 2000 he had the oportunity to play with: Edoardo, Shaman, Sun Shy, Joti Sidhu, Xperiment...                                                                                                                                                          At the period 2001-2005 B.OK was part of the organization Trancemittion and he played as a resident DJ in Skopje, Macedonia for many famous names on the trance stage like: Chromozome, S-Range, Human Blue, Haldolium, Planet B.E.N., Mahasuka, Shakta, Synchro, Space Cat, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Astral Projection, Etnica, Electric Universe, SUN Project, Infected Mushroom, GMS, X-Dream, Psychotic Micro, ZOO-B, Skazi, Talamasca...                                   5 years ago in 2004 B.OK together with NEPHTHYS started the project named: Soundy Philoso Therapy (S.Ph.T.).



PROLLOFT is BLAGOJ MEHANDZISKI from Stip, Macedonia. He was born on 08.05.1983. He finished elementary and high school for music, he continued his music education in Greece at Music technology college, for music production. Now he is creating his own music and doing mastering production.

ELECTRO CONNECTION is VLATKO ZEZOV from Stip, Macedonia. He was born on 12.05.1983. After finishing high school for music, he continued his music education and finished the studies at the Faculty for Music art in Skopje, Macedonia.


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